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21 July 2015

Administration Charges

Whilst the vast majority of residents in Waterside largely comply with the House Rules, in a small number of cases, residents have ignored communications from the managing agent.  In order to deal with such cases it is felt that a financial penalty is the only means whereby the resident can be compelled to conform to the House Rules.

  1. Administration Charges are levied to unit owners found to be in breach of the House Rules.
  2. There is one exception (House Rule No. 5) which has been suspended temporarily pending the receipt of a report from a service provider who can provide a shared satellite system.  No administration charges will be applied to any unit that currently has a satellite dish erected. Any new installations may be subject to administration charges. (Please note that the erection of a satellite dish in any circumstances or on any elevation is not permitted as per the House Rules.  It is also a breach of local authority planning regulations to erect a satellite dish on any forward facing elevation or with a diameter in excess of 1 meter without applying for planning permission.
  3. In the first instance, the owner of a unit found to be in breach of House Rules will be issued with a warning letter.
  4. If no effort has been made to comply with the House Rule, then an administration charge of €50 will be issued to the owner.
  5. If there is still no effort to comply then the administration charge will double with every communication that is issued by the managing agent.
  6. Serious breaches in House Rules will be levied with an administration charge immediately. (e.g. instances whereby a security firm has to be engaged to resolve the issue)
  7. At all times the Board of Management and the Managing Agent has discretion as to how administration charges are levied.
  8. It is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure that their tenants are in compliance with the House Rules.
  9. Queries have to be made in writing to the Management Company within 14 days of receipt of an administration charge

Please note the ‘House Rules’ do not supersede the Indenture Lease.