Waterside Parking

Terms & Conditions

​Clamping is in place throughout Waterside and is being enforced on behalf of Malahide Waterside Management Company by RFC Security Group as per their signage throughout the development.

All owners or their tenant’s entitled to a residents permit have been issued with them. If you still require additional visitor permits please apply via Waterside website www.watersidemalahide.ie and follow the on screen instructions.

In accordance with the terms of the indenture lease each owner is entitled to the use of a car park space. There are a small number of unit owners who have 2 spaces. One free permit will be issued for each assigned space. Residents can purchase from Kairos Property Services up to two visitor permits the first will cost €15 and a second will cost €50. These permits are not an entitlement to park nor do they guarantee a car park space but all cars in the development must display a valid permit otherwise they will be clamped.  All permits must be renewed annually on 1st November irrespective of when they are purchased during the year.

Alternatively visitors may use RFC’S “TEXT” option - the number is 086 8565508 and messages should include the name of the development, the car registration and the duration of stay E.G. (Waterside 152 D 12345 24 hours). Maximum time allocated to this type of parking is three 24 hour blocks in a seven day period.  Visitors may also “CALL” 01-8971087 (Ext 2) and log the details of their stay.

Cars/vehicles will be at risk of getting clamped if:

  • Invalid/expired resident permit on display
  • No resident/visitor permit on display/or not registered as a visitor using the text system
  • If not parked/correctly parked in a designated parking bay

Commercial vehicles are not allowed as per lease agreement however it was agreed at a committee meeting held 8th October 2014 and subsequently passed by the board that commercial vehicles which fit comfortably (not protruding onto common areas) into a numbered space and not a visitor space could legally park within the development.

In circumstances where a car/vehicle is clamped a release charge applies which is paid to RFC and Not to Malahide Waterside Management Company or their agent Jonathan Cullen of Kairos Property Services.

If you have a dispute about being clamped RFC are the ONLY people who can deal with your complaint.