Water Rill Landscape Maintenance


About Waterside

Waterside is a multi-unit housing & commercial development designed by Terry O'Flanagan Architects and developed by the Cannon Kirk Group. This award winning team created a visual variety of homes arranged into a number of small neighbourhood friendly clusters with all modern day amenities of both Malahide & Swords Villages within walking distance. There are 2 creches and a 'Day Break' convenience store situated at the main entrance which serve both the estate and surrounding area.

The Management Company

The Malahide Waterside Management Company Ltd is the owners management company (“OMC”) for Waterside Malahide. It was established in 2004 for the benefit of the residents and to regulate the common areas and service issues.

As its name suggests, an OMC is made up of the owners of the properties within the particular development, and when you buy a property you automatically become a member of the OMC.

You therefore have a say in how the company is run and the common areas managed by attending at meetings, where one vote of equal value shall attach to each property holder. If you are elected to become Director of the OMC, then you will become more directly involved in the running of the company.

As such, the OMC is entirely independent of the developer, and its aim is to empower the owners in the control of their development. The primary responsibility of the OMC is to maintain the development, supervise its upkeep and provide common services to property owners.

Many OMC’s employ management agents to discharge their responsibilities. While Management Companies and Managing Agents are often confused, a managing agent is simply employed by the management company and ultimately operates under its direction.

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